This booklet contains ten scenarios for Days of the Fox.
Additional scenarios will be made available online. Feel free to create your own scenarios from the wealth of materials included in the game.


With the addition of the new British forces, some new components will be illustrated in scenarios. British objectives and starting hexes are represented in orange.

Division Setups

Some scenarios may specify where each nation's divisions are allowed to set up their forces. If this is not specified, each division may be set up in any starting hexes for that side.

Allied Forces

In certain scenarios, a side may contain mixed British and American forces. Such a team is referred to as an allied force. Allied forces function exactly the same as a side of all American or British forces with two exceptions.

First, units belonging to an allied force cannot capture the other allied nation's specific objectives.
For example, if an American squad is in a hex containing a British objective during the Status Phase, it does not remove or place any control markers in that hex.

Second, units belonging to one nation may never be placed in a squad base belonging to the other allied nation.
For example, American infantry may never be placed in a British squad base even if they are allied forces.

Otherwise, allied forces are treated like any other two divisions of a single side. They share available command and a single initiative card. They may enter (and remain in) each other's hexes, and are considered friendly pieces for all game purposes.

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