Non-engineer squads and light vehicles entering a hex with a razor wire marker must immediately end their movement.

A squad located in a hex that contains a razor wire marker attacks at half firepower. Units may leave a hex containing razor wire without movement penalty.

There may be a maximum of one razor wire marker per hex.

Removing Razor Wire

  • During an Advance, Fire and Movement, or Assault action, an active tank or engineer squad may spend 2 movement points to remove a razor wire marker in the same hex.
  • If an area attack (normal or suppressive) causes three or more successes against a hex with a razor wire, the razor wire marker is removed.


Razor wire can be destroyed with an area attack that causes three or more successes. Does this have to be a normal attack, and can the hits be cumulative, or must they occur all at once?

Razor wire may be destroyed by either a suppressive or normal attack causing three or more hits, but the hits must all occur at once (that is, they must be from a single area attack).

When a unit assaults from razor wire, does it attack with half firepower or full firepower?

Half firepower.

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