If both players agree, the following three types of actions may be used to provide more variety of tactics in Stalingrad.

Group Movement

Similar to a combined attack, a group movement is an advance action taken by more than one unit in the same hex.

After declaring that the active unit is advancing, the player may activate one or more units in the same hex to have them advance as a group.

The unit with the lowest MV is considered the lead unit and all other units in the group movement may only move as far as the lead unit's MV allows.

Op Fire against units in a group movement is slightly different since only one of the moving units may be fired upon per hex, and each unit may only he fired upon once per turn by each enemy unit. However, a machinegun (MG) unit using its Rapid Op Fire ability may fire at units using group movement multiple times, but only at one unit per hex, and a unit can be the subject to only one Op Fire attack.

If a unit is suppressed, it must stop. However, other units using group movement may continue moving as normal. If the lead unit is suppressed, a new lead unit is determined from the remaining units.

Unless suppressed, all units must move together for the duration of the turn.

When moving both infantry and vehicles, movement restrictions are handled separately.

If any unit is forced to stop due to terrain restrictions, all units must stop.

Cautious Advance

The Cautious Advance action represents soldiers moving slowly and carefully, taking advantage of all available cover. A unit that uses a Cautious Advance action may not fire and receives 2 fewer movement points during the activation, but gains +1 cover throughout its activation, regardless of terrain. Note: This is a separate action and may not be combined with any other actions that allow movement.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Close combat in Stalingrad was particularly brutal as squads often used hand-to-hand fighting in close quarters. Players have the option to declare that an assault is hand-to-hand. Rules for hand-to-hand assaults are as follows:

  • Immediately before resolving combat in an assault action in the same hex with enemy units, the assaulting player may declare it a hand-to-hand assault.
  • During a hand-to-hand assault, the attacking squad rolls an additional attack die.
  • Other friendly units may not provide support in a hand-to-hand assault, although all defending squads and light vehicles in the hex still contribute to the defense total.
  • The defenders also now roll black attack dice equal to their attack strength, but are only successful on "5" and "6" results.

For more details on Assault Attacks, see the core TOI rulebook.


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