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Weather (Norm)

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A new flexible weather system affects the areas of movement, combat, communications, and supply. Each scenario that uses weather describes the composition of the Weather deck and how often it should be checked in that scenario. Players should also feel free to use the Weather deck when creating their own scenarios.

Weather Deck Construction

In scenarios designed to use weather, the scenario setup rules instruct players how many of each type of card to include in a facedown Weather deck. One player assembles the required cards and places them near the round track. Scenarios state which rounds players should check to see if the weather changes.
Players place a weather check token on each of the indicated rounds during setup to serve as a reminder of when to check for weather changes. The effects of weather are stated on the Weather cards themselves.

Weather Checks

A weather check takes place before the Action Phase in the rounds that have a weather check token present on the round track. To perform a weather check, one player shuffles the Weather deck, including the currently revealed Weather card (if any), and places it facedown. That player draws the top card, places it faceup on top of the deck, and then discards the weather check token from the round track. That Weather card remains faceup until the next weather check. Until that time, the effects of the new Weather card are in effect for all players.



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