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Company of Heros vs Tide of Iron

2 months 3 weeks ago #1451 by Tyger
I am new to the Tide of Iron "unofficial" site.  I was hoping there might be other gamers in this forum who might have an opinion as to Company of Heros board game.  Looks like the Kick Starter for Company of Heros is still open and I am torn between investing in Company of Heros or Tide of Iron.  Any thoughts on this would be helpful/appreciated.  Also, with respect to Tide of Iron, is it beneficial to acquire multiple copies of any of the expansions or the core game?  Are there unofficial scenarios that would require that?  Thank you in advance. 

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2 months 2 weeks ago #1454 by alecrespi
Hi Tyger and welcome!

Here you can find a brief description of both games:
  • Tide of Iron is a game of World War II tactical conflict for two to four players. The components in this base game allow players to simulate the dramatic struggle that took place between American and German forces in Northern Europe during the years 1944 and 1945.
    Tide of Iron is a scenario-based game, with the available forces, objectives, map, and victory conditions being set by each given scenario. It features loads of plastic figures, including soldiers, equipment, heavy weapons, and combat vehicles, cards, dice, cardboard markers, and modular game boards that will represent the customizable terrain of this scenario-based wargame.
    The twelve double-sided map tiles, plus the dozens of included terrain hexes, allow for limitless potential combinations, and each scenario can be enhanced by special rules, objective markers, troop allotments, and other variations. The only limiting factor is your imagination!
  • Company of Heroes, the World War 2 board wargame, is based on the video game from Relic/Sega. It closely captures the choices, tactics and mission strategies of the videogame. In teams, or as individuals, players will maneuver units and battle for control points to collect manpower, munitions and fuel. Players spend these resources to construct new buildings, purchase units and upgrade abilities, eventually unlocking the powerful end-game units of their nation. To win, players will either attempt to collect enough victory points before their opponent does or totally annihilate the enemy's base.
    This game involves squad level tactical movement but also focuses heavily on securing, collecting and spending resources to purchase new buildings, units and upgrades.
I personally became interested in CoH and had started developing the Vassal module.
The main purpose was to understand the game dynamics well and see if it was a game I could propose to my party.
In the end I dedicated myself completely to the development of ToI's Vassal module, this could represent my personal vote...

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