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file 013 Hellfire Pass

1 year 8 months ago - 10 months 3 weeks ago #184 by alecrespi
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10 months 4 weeks ago #610 by joeyama
Replied by joeyama on topic 013 Hellfire Pass
Hi there,
Thx again for your tireless works. As a professional translator, I own commercial OCR software which is way better than Adobe DC. The intro of this scenario might be following:

As part of Operation Battleaxe, the British attempted to relieve the siege of Tobruk, by advancing the 4th Royal Tank Regiment and 2nd Cameron Highlanders on what they thought was undefended Halfaya Pass. On June 14 1941, after stumbling into a minefield, British tanks were introduced to the German 88mm gun. The bloody encounter resulted in a new name for the pass: Hellfire.

(Objective here)

The 88s were tearing my tanks apart.
-C Squadron Commander Major Miles

Thx again!

- joe

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8 months 2 weeks ago #708 by alecrespi
Replied by alecrespi on topic 013 Hellfire Pass
Posting here some comments found online.
  • Quick and tense scenerio. German player won mainly thanks to good mortar rolls. British player was short of only few movement points to win.
  • It seems that first rolls in a game (shooting at tanks in first and second round) can be crucial. 

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