150 La Colina 400

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Replied by alecrespi on topic 150 La Colina 400
Nice map, but I think the scenario as it is excessively favors the Germans.

These are my considerations:
  1. Command Points distribution: 5 CP / turn available from the very first turn (possibly 7 if the Germans take the bridge) for at least 4 turns. This means more than 20 CP to spend on the Reinforcement deck (consider that the overall cost of the entire deck is 25 CP, so the Germans could call 10 new squads and reinforce wounded units).
  2. Excellent deck combinations, considering the abundance of CP: Reinforcement Deck and Morale Deck (two of the strongest decks in the game).
  3. Victory conditions: the bunker on the hill surrounded by barbed wire is already difficult to capture, let alone if to win the Americans must also eliminate all the units that can be deployed in the 6 hexagons around it! I remind you that if the Germans focus on the Reinforcement deck they can call at least 9 new squads to protect the hexagons around the bunker.
It could easily be a scenario with 6 boards (instead of 9) with the possible reduction of game turns by 1.
Another idea could be to reduce the value of all CPs to 1 (leaving only the bridge at 2): this would prevent the German from accumulating so many CPs in the starting turns and would give the Americans an opportunity.

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