This is a brief description to show how to proceed in setting up a scenario using the brand new module v 3.

In this way we could all use the same "format" for all 250+ scenario!

  1.  Choose your scenario (maybe using ToI unofficial website to copy/paste informations). In this example I've selected "062 Shot for Shot
  2. Open Vassal
  3. Start a new offline game
  4. Join game as which side? --> Solo (important to interact with all contents)
  5. Choose boards adding rows / columns as necessary (don't forget the additional column on the right to store sideboard named "99"). In this example boards is 3 x 3 so I'll add 3 rows and 4 columns.
  6. Add all boards and select correct orientation (maybe using "flip" checkbox). Rightmost column should contain "99 sideboard" maps.
  7. Confirm with finish button and you should have the main map layout on the screen.
  8. I usually save at this point assigning the same name as the map code (in this case 062.vsav)
  9. Open scenario notes (yellow post-it icon) and paste in all contents (like Background, Divisions, Objective, etc.)
  10. Open Tokens icon --> Side Marker tab to place on the sideboard both sides (in this case Soviet and German)
  11. Place all terrains from "Terrain window" (once placed you can use "CTRL + Left / Right arrow keys" to rotate them or CTRL+D to delete them from board). Once placed on the map, terrain overlays can be selected with "SHIFT + Left Mouse Button".
  12. Place "North Direction marker" from token window.
  13. Place "Objective Markers". You will only see "1" values... you can place them on board and then increase their value with CTRL + Q shortcut (use CTRL + A to reduce the value).
  14. You can use the "Change Map Overlay" button to lighten up map boards and better see already placed overlays.
  15. Place deployment and reinforcements zones / lighted hexes (inside Terrain --> Setup window)
  16. Add Strategy Decks (if necessary). Open Decks/Box submenu, right click on the deck and select the appropriate option (Axis 1, Axis 2, Allies 1, Allies 2, etc...). Decks will be added to "Active Decks" window.
  17. Add Operation Cards (if necessary). Open Decks --> Base Game window, right click on Operation Deck to draw a specific card. Highlight the card and click "ok" to bring it on top of the deck. Next open Side board (axis / allies logo) and drag the card into the relative section.
  18. Right click on initiative card to change appearance (in this case I swapped until Soviet face appeared).
  19. Change actions per turn. "SHIFT + Right click" on bullet icon to increase or reduce value.
  20. Assign starting initiative. Use "Gun" icon on player board to swap initiative token.
  21. Unit deployment. Drag and drop squad bases and vehicle on the relative sideboard. Specializations and army building will be done before game start. Units can be "cloned" using CTRL + C shortcut. After cloning they are overlapped so you have to move them left/right dragging them with Left Mouse Button. After moving a piece you can remove movement trail using ALT + S shortcut.
  22. Door Icon: don't forget to quit game as "Solo player" and select "observer" (this will allow other players to join the game).
  23. Save the game.

Now the 062.vsav file can be shared and used to play it online with vassal (attached a picture that shows scenario map final result).

If we manage to setup all scenarios we could even include them inside Vassal game module (to have them always available).

I think it's longer and harder to describe than to do it.

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