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Purchase Points 20 ??
Class Capital
Ship Name (RF) Repair Facility & 1x CF/CAP
Figures 1 (+1 shlds) & 1x CF/CAP
Sub-Light Movement

1 hex


[2] -2 - 2 - 1

Unit Hit On Confirm CAP gone
Shields & Manoeuvre Ignore Blast: 1 Strike Class, 1 F Class

When activated and adjacent damaged or weaken ship can repair vessel (?by Roll matching

class, cost of class 1x star F, 2x stars Strike, 3x stars Capital?) meaning restoring a single squadron

model/shield/CF/dF, etc.

CF 2 or +1 per CAP or CAPing CF adds +1 (range fire) but not if Battling Back

Launch CF: NOT move/combat/adj. enemy

Cannot control or gain Planetary Control Objectives.

May not move in planet’s orbit.

Alternative possibilities (Ie. Ignore 1 Blast ALL Classes, etc)

Red Alert

Ignore 1 RA

When adjacent to command vessel ignore 1 red alert

Victory Points 6 / 7 ??
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