A carrier unit is by far one of the most interesting units in the RED ALERT game system. The ability to strike at the enemy with hit-and-run tactics makes the carrier fighters a threat to every class of enemy ship. Yet there are sound and proven methods to blunt this threat. Discovering just how best to use a carrier and its fighters in battle will be a challenge.

Purchase Points 21
Class Capital
Ship Name Carrier
Figures 1 carrier figure and 3 carrier fighter figures
Sub-Light Movement

1 hex

• When the carrier moves, the carrier fighters must move along with the carrier figure.
• When the carrier unit is ordered, instead of moving the carrier figure each carrier fighter can launch and move sub-light up to 4 hexes. Carrier fighters can launch so long as the carrier figure does not move and there are no enemy units in an adjacent hex to the carrier unit.
• Carrier fighters are not required to stay together when launched. Each carrier fighter may move independently or move together in a group.
• Carrier fighters will follow the same movement rules as other units.
• Carrier fighters may not, however move onto space features.


2 - 2 - 2

• An ordered carrier unit may remain in its hex or move up to 1 hex and perform combat. A carrier unit has a range of 3 hexes.
• Adjacent is not ranged combat, the 2 dice roll is close quarters combat. In addition to the carrier's close quarters dice, add 1 die for each fighter figure with the carrier unit even when the carrier is battling back in close quarters combat.
• Two hexes to target roll 2 dice.
• Three hexes to target roll 2 dice.
• A carrier figure may not battle in the same turn when it launches fighters.

Carrier Fighter Battle

2 per Carrier fighter

Each carrier fighter when launched will combat in close quarters with 2 dice. Carrier fighters when on the same hex and battling in close quarters combat must work together and will fight as one, fighting with 4 or even 6 dice (for 2 or 3 fighters battling as a group). Carrier fighters may also fly out independently, battling with 2 dice.
• Carrier fighters, after their close quarters combat, are placed back on the carrier figure's hex; returning is not considered a move. Before the carrier fighters are returned to the carrier, however, an enemy unit may chose to use stars to battle back against the carrier fighters. When battling back against carrier fighters, only a green circle rolled will score a hit on the carrier fighters and any red alerts rolled are ignored.

Unit Hit On
Hitting a Carrier At the start of a battle a carrier unit has 3 fighters. Carrier fighters act as a carrier CAP when attacked and indicate the relative strength and number of hits the carrier can absorb. When a hit is scored on a carrier, 1 CAP fighter figure is removed for each hit scored. When there are no remaining carrier fighters to protect the carrier, a hit scored on the carrier will eliminate the carrier figure. When you eliminate a carrier figure, the carrier's unit marker is
taken and placed on your victory stand in your play area.
Shields & Manoeuvre • Because of superior shielding, a carrier unit (unit marker with a square symbol) will ignore one blast symbol rolled against it when attacked by a strike class unit (unit marker with a triangle symbol).
• Because of superior shielding, a carrier unit (unit marker with a square symbol) will ignore two blast symbols rolled against it when attacked by a fighter class unit (unit marker with a circle symbol).
• Because of its ability to manoeuvre, a fighter class unit (unit marker with a circle symbol) will ignore one blast symbol rolled against it when attacked by a carrier unit (unit marker with a square symbol).
Notes ---
Red Alert A carrier may ignore 1 red alert
Victory Points 6
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Mark-McG replied the topic:
6 months 2 weeks ago
The Carrier seems the most interesting unit in Red Alert, and the ability to divide it's attack by Carrier fighters into multiple hexes is unique in Commands and Colors system. Tactically it seems advisable to concentrate the Carrier fighter attack to maximise the effect (and minimise the response).

The Carrier is also a confusing unit to attack. When attacked it is hit on Purple squares, even when it has CAP fighters, but when battling back against the Carrier fighters after their attack, the hits are on Green circles.