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Purchase Points 41+ ??
Class Capital
Ship Name (CV3) Alien Tri-Carrier & 3x dF/CAP
Figures 1 with 3 dF/CAP or 1 with 2 dF/CAP or separate section @ with 1 dF/CAP
Sub-Light Movement

2 hexes


[2] - 2 - 2

Unit Hit On Confirm when CAP gone
Shields & Manoeuvre Ignore Blast: 1 Strike Class, 2 F Class
Notes dF or @ CAPing dF +1 or @ CAPing dF adds +1 (range fire) but not if Battling Back
Launch dF: NOT move/combat/adj. enemy
Can Order CV3 Separate into 2 or even 3 Sections to Adjacent hexes when NOT move/combat/adj. enemy/when a section has RA on it.
Likewise, can join Separate Sections in Adjacent hexes when NOT move/combat/adj. enemy/ when a section has RA on it.
Each section holds a spare wave of dF which can be put into action once 1st wave has been eliminated (this is due to limits on remote Command & Control, Battle Management <C2BM>).
Red Alert

Ignore 1 RA

When adjacent to command vessel ignore 1 red alert

Victory Points 12+ ??
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Mark-McG replied the topic:
3 months 1 hour ago
in the narrative there is an Alien invader known as the Krawl