Traits  Tank, Heavy Vehicle
Movement 5
Armor Value 4
Attack VS Infantry (RANGE / FPR) 8 / 10
Attack VS Vehicle (RANGE / FPR) 6 / 8
Sturdy Being lightly damaged by enemy Op Fire does not cause a heavy vehicle to become fatigued (it does, however, immediately lose 1 movement point, and its armor is reduced by 1 for the duration of the activation, as per the lightly damaged effects).
Stielgranate 42 If the sIG 33b does not move and chooses to attack or support an attack targeting a building, add +6 to its firepower.
Concussive Firepower When a tank attacks a squad located in a building hex or pillbox, the tank receives +3 firepower and +3 range.

When attacking a building the sIG 33b may use either the Concussive Firepower ability or the Stielgranate 42 ability, never both.

sIG 33b units do not have the Overrun ability.

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