Tanks are powerful armored vehicles, packed with devastating weaponry. Any serious offensive in WWII would consist of the tank as the main projection of force.

Traits  Tank, Heavy Vehicle
Movement 6
Armor Value 3
Attack VS Infantry (RANGE / FPR) 5 / 6
Attack VS Vehicle (RANGE / FPR) 6 / 6
Sturdy Being lightly damaged by enemy Op Fire does not cause a heavy vehicle to become fatigued (it does, however, immediately lose 1 movement point, and its armor is reduced by 1 for the duration of the activation, as per the lightly damaged effects).
Concussive Firepower When a tank attacks a squad located in a building hex or pillbox, the tank receives +3 firepower and +3 range.
Overrun Unlike other units, a tank may move through (but never remain in) a hex containing enemy units (even through a hex that is at the stacking limit). The movement cost for an overrun is the normal cost to enter the hex plus one movement point for each enemy unit in the hex. Immediately after the active tank leaves such an overrun hex, every enemy squad in the hex immediately becomes pinned (vehicles are unaffected, as are squads being transported in vehicles or located in entrenchments/pillboxes). Squads already pinned or disrupted are unaffected.
A tank may never end its movement in a hex containing enemy units.
A tank performing an overrun is subject to Op Fire when it enters the enemy hex. Units in Op Fire mode attacking an enemy unit in their same hex are considered to be attacking at close range. If an active tank is forced to end its movement in an enemy-occupied hex due to being heavily damaged by Op Fire, it must immediately retreat to its last enemy-free hex (at no movement cost), immediately becoming fatigued, with no enemy squads pinned as a result of the overrun.



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