Below you will find illustrations and brief descriptions of all the components found in this expansion.

British Plastic Figures

These 42 detailed plastic figures represent British military personnel. Also included are 14 British squad bases in two different shades of tan.

German Plastic Figures

These German plastic figures represent four types of German tanks.

American Plastic Figures

These four American plastic figures represent the American M10 Tank Destroyer.

Unit Reference Sheets

These sheets provide players with the combat values and special abilities for each of the new plastic units.

British Tokens

A variety of British tokens are provided. These include British control markers, concealed squad markers, command objective markers, and a victory point token. These tokens function exactly as their American and German counterparts.

Normandy Map Boards

These nine thick, double-sided map boards are used to build the game board for each Normandy scenario. Rules governing new terrain features can be found on page 5 (and a summary of such can be found on the back of the Campaign Book and Scenario Guide included in this box).

Map Overlay Tiles

New map overlay tiles are provided for use in the Normandy scenarios. These overlays include a large variety of different terrain. As with the overlay tiles provided in the main game, these new overlays are placed on top of the map boards, adding to or altering their terrain features.

Beach Terrain Tokens

New tank trap/barbed wire tokens are included for aesthetically appropriate use on the beach map boards. These obstacles function the same as their non-beach counterparts.

Destroyed Terrain Tokens

Ruins/breach tokens are used to indicate when a building or a hedgerow has been destroyed.

Cratered Terrain Tokens

The cratered terrain tokens modify the statistics of existing terrain features, reproducing the effects of heavily bombarded terrain.

Charge Tokens

Charge tokens represent a variety of explosives utilized by demolitions squads. The particular kind of explosive is defined by the scenario.

Weather Check Tokens

Weather check tokens are placed on the turn track and remind the players when they need to make a weather check.

Specialization and Campaign Specialization Tokens

Normandy introduces a new type of specialization token, the demolitions unit. Also introduced are new campaign specializations called advancement tokens.

Weather Cards

These cards alter the weather conditions during a given scenario.

Operations Cards

The new Operations cards provide a variety of rules to their assigned scenarios, mostly pertaining to the Normandy theater of warfare.

British Initiative Card

The British initiative card functions the same as its American and German counterparts.

29th Infantry Initiative Card

The 29th Infantry initiative card is only used in the 29th Infantry Division campaign, instead of the normal initiative card used by the Americans.

Commander and Leadership Cards

These cards are used with the “Commanders” option and allow players to customize their strategy based on their nation’s commander.


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