Set Up

The game will use two standard game mats. Each side will have one Admiral-In Chief (AIC) and three Sector Admirals (SA) if available. If only 3 players per side are available, the AIC will command the Center sector. Each SA is assigned to two adjoining mat sectors--with two mats there are three sectors per mat for a total of six. They may activate ships on their Right or Left sector with any sector command card activating those sectors. A Center sector card may activate ships on the SA's Right or Left, but not both. A tactic command card allows them to activate ships from either or both as applicable.

Either two Official scenarios may be played side by side, or a customized variant Galaxy Game scenario may be used. If one GG scenario is used, at least a double number of Victory Points/Units will be required from that of a standard scenario. Usually victory is set at 50VP/20 Units.

Mix two sets of Command and Combat cards together to form one deck of each type.

At start, AICs will receive , , and . The AIC may also give any number of Combat Cards or Stars they hold to SAs as desired, but only after giving out Command Cards normally.

SAs receive , , and .

The Courier Rack receives . At the turn start of either side when the rack is reduced to only 2 cards, it is replenished back up to 5.

If drawing Task Force Cards, each side should use a separate Task Force Deck.

Card Assignment and Replenishment

On a turn for either side, the AIC will give one SA a Command Card from his hand to play, and choose one from the Rack to give a second SA. The third SA will play a Command Card from his own hand.

SAs may play Combat Cards and Stars from their own hands. Some of which may have come from their AIC as applicable. AICs may also play their own combat cards/stars when directly commanding their own AIC units, if scenario rules give them the direct command of any unit(s). If the AIC does so, the SA in the same sector as the AIC ship(s) cannot play a Command Card. The AIC may always play a Command Card or Stars deensively for his own ship(s).

At the end of the turn, the SA who played from his hand will replenish his played command card, and the AIC will then draw two and keep one.

The AIC may then draw a choicer of:

or or 1 Combat Card and

The AIC may never have more than five cards or less than two in his hand. Any player playing a card referencing his Command Number uses that of his AIC, usually five.