Some of the most important support vessel units in any fleet are the logistics and transports ships. If packed full of equipment or part of a top-priority mission, these units are normally worth their weight in gold.

Purchase Points 7
Class Strike
Ship Name Transport
Figures 2 transport figures
Sub-Light Movement 2 hexes

2 - 1

• An ordered transport unit may remain in its hex or move up to 2 hexes and perform combat. A transport unit has a range of 2 hexes.
• Adjacent is not ranged combat, the 2 dice roll is close quarters combat.
• Two hexes to target roll 1 die.

Unit Hit On
Shields & Manoeuvre • Because of superior shielding, a transport unit (unit marker with a triangle symbol) will ignore one blast symbol rolled against it when attacked by a fighter class unit (unit marker with a circle symbol).
Notes • When a transport unit is not adjacent to an enemy unit or is not in red alert status (unit does not have a red alert marker) at the start of the player's turn, you gain 1 star token before ordering units.
• When planet control objective rules are in effect, 2 victory points are gained for each transport unit that occupies a planet hex at the start of the player's turn. Place 2 faction markers on the occupied planet hex instead of 1.
Note: A transport unit, however, cannot gain 1 star when it places faction markers at the start of a player's turn.
• When breakthrough objective rules are in effect, a transport unit that exits the battlefield from opponent's baseline will score double points: 4 points not 2 points. Take the transport unit marker that exits and 2 faction markers that are worth 1 point each and place them in the player's play area.
Red Alert A transport may ignore 1 red alert
Victory Points 2
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