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Historical Overview
Sheridan suggested to Grant that if his corp was free to operate independently from the army, he could “thrash hell out of” Jeb Stuart’s cavalry. Grant believed him, and on May 9th, Sheridan’s cavalry corp rode out; ostesibly to cut confederate supply lines, but their real mission was to challenge Stuart to a cavalry duel.
Stuart’s 4,500 troopers moved to intercept Sheridan, and on May 11th they met near Yellow Tavern, an abandoned inn 6 miles north of Richmond. Stuart was outnumbered, and Sheridan’s men were armed with Spencer repeating carbines, giving them a firepower advantage over Stuart’s men. Sheridan had also taken care not to exhaust his horses, while Stuart had been pushing his, to move between Sheridan’s columns and Richmond.
Stuart’s men found high ground above Turner’s Run, straddling a fork in the road. They dismounted, and prepared an ambush, as their light artillery was being placed on the hills.
When the Union cavalry ran into Stuart’s trap they probed his line, attacked the left flank,  then hit the center of his line, then attacked his right. Stuart’s men fought bravely, and  continued to, even after Stuart was mortally wounded, but they lost the day.
The loss of a the battle, and Jeb Stuart, weakened the Confederate cavalry, but did not totally destroy it. After the battle, Maj. Gen. Wade Hampton took command of Stuart’s depleted corp.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Set-Up Order

Woods 28
Hills 5


Confederate Army
J.E.B. Stuart
5 Command cards
Moves first

5 6 2 2

Union Army
Philip Sheridan
5 Command Cards

8 6 3 2

5 Banners

Special Rules

Turner Creek is fordable

Artillery units are "Horse Cavalry" and can move 1 and battle, or move 2

Infantry units are "Dismounted Cavalry" and can move 1-2 and battle.

"Hit and Run" cards command 1 in each section, or all in 1 section


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