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Historical Overview After the costly battle of the Wilderness, Grant began to move the Army of the Potomac southeast. Grant and Lee raced toward Spotsylvania Courthouse. Lee arrived first, and set up defensive positions on rolling hills that formed a salient along the Confederate line that became known as the “Mule Shoe”. At dawn on the 12th, Hancock’s men attacked the center of the salient and broke the Confederate line, but in the confusion, weren’t able to capitalize on the breakthrough, when J.B. Gordon and his men moved forward to stop the Union advance, regaining their positions. Burnside’s men also attacked at dawn on the east side of the salient to support Hancock, but were not able to break through.
Throughout the day fierce fighting took place at an angle in the earthworks on the west side of the salient that became known as the “Bloody Angle”.
After almost 24 hours of continuous fighting, Lee pulled his forces back to a new line of defensive works, along the base of the “Mule Shoe”, that his engineers had frantically built that afternoon.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Set-Up Order

Woods 17
Hills 7


Confederate Army
R. E. Lee
Command Cards - 5

10 -- 3 3

Union Army
U. S. Grant
Command Cards - 5
Move First

10 -- 3 3

6 Banners

Special Rules


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