Successor wanted to maintain the Vassal module

7 years 7 months ago - 7 years 7 months ago #614 by Bayernkini
Because of different reasons (restarting tabletop gaming, which needs to paint a lot of miniatures e.g.),
i must reorganize my time, which i spend into my board- and tabletop hobbies :)

Therefore i´ll definite discontinue with Vassal module designing with the end of this year.
It was a great, starting a long time ago with Bill´s very first Battlecry module, going on some time with Battlelore (1st) and Memoir 44.
I always tried to make such simple playable modules as Bill did with his first C&C templates, (for me the CCA vassal module is the best example, how simple a C&C module should looks like).

I learned a lot of module designing and meet a lot of friends because of this, as Bill (Bilben), Malcolm (Brummbar), Bart (bdgza).
But know another guy must go on with it. If someone is interested, he can contact me or Alessandro.

My dice are the hell!
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6 years 9 months ago #652 by Stonewall

Thank you, Michael, for all the great work you have done on the C&C Vassal Modules, including all the updates you did this year on Napoleonics and Ancients, and probably others, You have certainly given a lot to all of us who love the C&C games.


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6 years 8 months ago #653 by caroper
Hi Michael,

If you have not found a successor yet I am willing to help out.
I say help as I have never actually created a module from scratch, so I am not sure I could take on the total responsibility, but I am reasonably comfortable with the structure and history of the module as I did help Bilben with the original module as well as provide some contributions to yourself.


p.s. Please excuse my absence this past couple of years - age and medical issues tend to catch up to us all - but I do still play and BC is still my favorite.

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