Creation and Development  Richard Borg 
Development Paul Miller, Stan Oien, Rick Thomas
Playtesting Dave Arneson, George Carson, Neal Ekengren, Roy Grider, Charles Heckman, Rene Hoevenberg, Pat Kurivial, Richard Lightle, Steve Malecek, Bill Massey, Steve May, Richard May, Terry Mikrut, Paul Miller, Scott Miller, Stan Oien, Jeff Paszkiwicz, Michael Panko, Jim Riley, Louis Rotundo, Tony Rupp, Bob Santiago, Ken Sommerfield, Rick Thomas, Bob Wanio, and the Compass Game Command Staff.
Graphic Design and Artwork François Vander Meulen and Michael Monfront
Package Design François Vander Meulen, Brien Miller and Michael Monfront
Tile Art Robert Shields
Rules Layout Ken Dingley
Rules Editing and Proofing Richard Borg and Ken Dingley
Production Coordination Ken Dingley
Producers Ken Dingley and Bill Thomas for Compass Games, LLC

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