Units & Leaders (Jacobite Rising)

Each Jacobite Rising unit is composed of four blocks. Blocks grouped together on a hex, form a unit. The soldier images, unit name and color band on the blocks will indicate the troop type, making it easier for both players to rapidly identify each unit in play.

Infantry unit blocks show a number of foot soldiers and the unit name printed on a color band at the bottom of each block.

  • Red band - Government Grenadier, Government Highland and Jacobite Highland
  • Blue band - Government Regular and Jacobite Regular
  • Brown band - Government Lowland and Jacobite Lowland
  • Yellow band - Government Militia

Cavalry unit blocks show a single mounted trooper

  • Blue band - Government Battle Cavalry and Jacobite Battle Cavalry
  • Green band - Government Light Cavalry and Jacobite Light Cavalry

Artillery unit blocks show a cannon with an artillery crew figure

  • Blue band - Government trained Artillery
  • Green band - Government Light Artillery and Jacobite Light Artillery

A Leader block is a rectangular block with an image of a mounted leader.

  • A leader block does not have a color band.

Applying the Stickers: Apply appropriate unit stickers to the front and back of the blocks for each unit. Place the Jacobite unit labels on the blue blocks, Government unit labels on the red blocks. We suggest that you separate the blocks by color, then sort blocks by size. Start with the Jacobite units. Pull out 40 small blue blocks. Find the Jacobite Highland infantry stickers on sheet 1 of 6. Peel and place stickers on the front and back of the 40 small blue blocks. When you run out of 40 blocks, move on to the Jacobite regular infantry. Pull out 8 small blue blocks. Find the Jacobite regular infantry stickers on sheet 2 of 6. Peel and place a sticker on the front and back of the 8 small blue blocks. When you run out of the 8 blocks, move on to the Jacobite Lowland units that need 28 small blocks. Keep going in this fashion until all the Jacobite units are completed. Then move on to the Government unit red blocks. It will take a little time, but it will be worth the effort!

A few extra blocks and stickers are supplied as spares.

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