Contents (Exp#1)

  • 3 Terrain and Accessories punchboards containing:
    • 45 Double-sided Terrain Tiles
    • 18 Double-sided Victory Banner counters
  • 8 Battle Dice
  • 3 Block Label sheets
  • 4 Summary Cards
    • 2 Unit Reference Charts
    • 2 Terrain Effects Charts
  • 1 Rule and Scenario Booklet
  • 96 Blocks: blue Continental units, red British units, dark blue German units, white French units comprising:
  • 78 small, blue, red, dark blue and white blocks for infantry units
  • 4 medium, white blocks for cavalry units
  • 14 rectangular, blue, red, dark blue and white blocks for leaders and artillery


  • Infantry blocks are 18x18x8mm in size.
  • Cavalry blocks are 22x22x8mm in size.
  • Artillery blocks are 22x28x8mm in size and are placed so the 28mm edge runs horizontally.
  • Leader blocks are 22x28x8mm in size and are placed so the 28mm edge runs vertically.

A few extra blocks are supplied as spares.

Battlefield Game Board

The battlefield game board (hereafter referred to as the battlefield) has a hex grid, 13 hexes wide by 11 hexes deep. The battlefield is divided into three sections by two dotted lines, giving each player a Left Flank Section, a Center Section and a Right Flank Section.
Where the dotted line cuts through a hex, the hex is considered to be part of both the flank section and the center section.
Note - Left Flank Section, Center Section and Right Flank Section will often simply be denoted as section or sections in these rules.

Terrain Tiles

The Terrain Tiles represent a wide range of terrain features and are placed on the battlefield to recreate the historical scenario. For a description of all new terrain: see the Terrain rules section.

Command Cards

Command cards are used to order troops on a side to move, battle, or do something special. Units may only move or battle when given an order.


Combat Cards

In the Tricorne - American Revolution core game, there is a deck of Combat cards for each side, British and Continental. These cards represent a mix of unit training, abilities or unexplainable actions that take place during the course of a battle.

Note - British Combat cards may be played on British units, leaders and their Allies (the German forces) and Continental Combat cards may be played on Continental units, leaders and their Allies (the French forces).

Battle Dice

Each battle die has six engraved sides. Each die will have the following engravings on its faces:

  • one side has an Infantry symbol - black symbol on blue background
  • one side has a Cavalry symbol - black symbol on yellow background
  • one side has an Artillery symbol - black symbol on red background
  • two sides have a Flag symbol - white symbol on black background
  • one side has a Saber symbol - white symbol on black background

Summary Cards

The double sided Unit Reference Chart has a recap of all the American Revolution units and the double sided Terrain Effects Chart has a recap of all the American Revolution terrain effects.

Victory Banner Counters

The 18 double-sided Victory Banner counters will track a player’s quest for victory. When the last block of an enemy unit or leader block is eliminated, take one Victory Banner. Also, take a Victory Banner when completing a scenario specific objective.



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