106 Savannah (9 October 1779)

Victory Results:
 25 %
Record a victory for BOTTOM ARMY  75 %
Total plays 4 - Last reported by ozzie on 2020-08-20 04:51:16

Historical Background

The occupation of Savannah by the British was part of their strategy to bring Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia back under royal control. General Prevost commanded the British defences, while Comte d’Estaing’s and Benjamin Lincoln led the joint French and Continental forces. On 23 September, Prevost rejected an offer to surrender. The French commander then ordered the bombardment of the city. When the bombardment failed to have the desired effect, d’Estaing, against the advice of many of his officers, launched an assault against the Spring Hill defences on October 9. British resistance was stiff, but the attacking soldiers managed to break into the British works. A counterattack, commanded by John Maitland, drove the French and Continentals back. Pulaski, seeing the line pulling back, advanced with his cavalry, but was mortally wounded during the charge. Unable to exploit the breakthrough, the French and Continental troops were ordered to fall back. Lincoln wished for another assault, but was overruled by d’Estaing and on October 17, the siege was abandoned.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history?


Battle Notes

Continental Army
• Commander: Éstaing & Lincoln
• 6 Command Cards & 4 Combat Cards
• Move First

British Army
• Commander: Prevost
• 6 Command Cards & 5 Combat Cards


9 Victory Banners

Special Rules

• Opening Cannonade rules are in effect.
• The Continental player gains 1 Permanent Breakthrough Victory Banner for each Continental unit that exits the battlefield from a British baseline hex.
• The Continental player gains 1 Temporary Victory Banner, at the start of the turn, for each field works hex occupied
• The British player gains 1 Temporary Victory Banner, at the start of the turn, when the Continental player does not occupy any field works hexes. Start with 1 Victory Banner
• The Continental player is racing against time. The British player gains 1 Permanent Victory Banner for each Scout Command card he plays.

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ozzie replied the topic: #398 1 month 1 week ago
Managed one French win from 4 games which we reckoned was good going. However, once the French lead units were smashed the British were able to grind them down one by one.

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