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Historical Background

On August 22, Washington received word that the British had landed on Long Island. His troops were deployed on the high ground in front of Brooklyn Heights, hoping to inflict heavy casualties on the British before his troops fell back to the main defenses. On the British side, Clinton was ordered to take an elite force and make a night march around the Continental left flank.
While Clinton made the night march, Grant’s British troops would attack the Continentals to hold them in position and distract them from the main army coming around the flank. 
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history?

Correlyou House should be the Cortelyou House 

Battle Notes

Continental Army

• Commander: Putnam
• 5 Command Cards & 4 Combat Cards

British Army

• Commander: Grant
• 5 Command Cards & 4 Combat Cards
• Move First


8 Victory Banners

Special Rules

• Opening Cannonade rules are in effect.
• The five hexes of Battle Hill are a start turn Temporary Majority Victory Banner Objective worth 1 banner for the Continental player or 2 banners for the British player. The banners for this group of hexes, goes to the side that has units occupying an absolute majority of these hexes.
• The Cortelyou House is worth 1 Victory Banner for the side that is last to occupy the building. Place a Continental Victory Banner on the hex at the start of the battle.
• The road hex, on the Continental baseline, is a Temporary Victory Banner Objective worth 2 banners for the British player when occupied at the start of his turn.
• Gowanus Creek is fordable, when attempting to cross treat as a marsh. When unit is ordered to cross and a block loss is taken, the unit must also make a rally check. Continental units that cross the creek are removed from the battlefield and do not count as a Victory Banner for the British.

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