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Historical Background

After Fraser was mortally wounded, the British retreated back to their camp. Arnold hearing of the Continental success rode out to join in the pursuit. The British had set up two redoubts near their camp, one was defended by Heinrich von Breymann, while the other was under the command of Lord Balcarres. Poor’s Continental soldiers attacked the Balcarres redoubt and Learned attacked the Breymann redoubt, while Arnold led a charge through the gap between the redoubts. Arnold’s horse was hit and the falling horse broke Arnold’s leg. What followed was a furious battle where both redoubts were taken, which forced Burgoyne to withdraw his army to Saratoga. 
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history?


Battle Notes

Continental Army

• Commander: Gates
• 5 Command Cards & 4 Combat Cards
• Move First

British Army

• Commander: Burgoyne
• 4 Command Cards & 3 Combat Cards


5 Victory Banners

Special Rules

• No Opening Cannonade.
• The Continental player gains 1 Temporary Victory Banner at the start of his turn for each field works hex that is not occupied by a British or German unit. Place a Continental Victory Banner on the hex at the start of the turn when the hex is not occupied.
• The Continental and British player will gain 1 Temporary Victory Banner at the start of the turn when the opposition player does not have at least one unit occupying a section of the battlefield.

Note: A hex with a dotted line is considered as a center section hex for purposes of determining whether a side has no units occupying a section of the battlefield. (TAR French and More Expansion, see Page 8)

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ozzie replied the topic:
4 months 6 days ago
Tough for the Brits with each game ending in historical defeats. The Americans just have to concentrate on Breymann's redoubt and it's a done deal. The Hessians gave to keep shooting to have any chance and this largely prevents the British Militia from coming to their aid. The second redoubt didn't come into play in any game. Results to the Americans 5-0, 5-1, 5-1, 5-0 and 5-2.
Riclev replied the topic:
6 months 1 week ago
This is really tough for the British, and they can only prevail if the militia are used aggressively. They won yesterday 5-3, losing only one complete unit (a German regular) and killing an American leader. The key was using General Barcarres to lead a militia unit to replace the lost German on the right and the failure of the Americans to advance on their right to occupy the vacated redoubts due to a lack of cards, allowing more militia to reoccupy one of them, thus freeing Barcarres and his militia unit to advance and rout an American for victory.

I understand the comment below about it being a 6-banner game. As it stands, the British can't usually afford to pursue weakened American units as to do so loses a banner for an unoccupied redoubt. Making this 6 banners at least allows a little more flexibility. Better still, award the banner for each redoubt occupied by the Americans.

The British player's woes are increased by the requirement to occupy all sections of the battlefield. In my game, it made tactical sense for one full-strength unit to screen another one with only one remaining block, but this would have meant losing a banner (and the game) for not being in the left section, which was a ludicrous position to be faced with. We played by the rule, but the British were saved only by the American lack of an appropriate card. I think this rule should be dropped.

Finally, there is an error in the battlefield screenshot above. According to the printed rulebook, one of the light units with Morgan should be a rifle unit.
ozzie replied the topic:
4 years 3 months ago
No, I don't think so. The British must hold on whereas the Americans must attack (bit like the Bunker Hill scenario but with positions reversed). The fall of one redoubt has finished the game in all cases we have played. Historically the Americans took both with furious attacks but this doesn't come out with only 5 Victory Banners. The British stand more chance if the Americans have to fully assault on both sides of the field. I don't think 6 Victory Banners unbalances the scenario, just makes it more historically correct and plays out a slightly longer game. The 3rd Special rule has not yet contributed to any victory.
Mark-McG replied the topic:
4 years 3 months ago
whilst 6 banners might make it harder for the Continentals to win, won't it also make it harder for the British as well?
So the net effect might be to make it more unbalanced?

Perhaps removing the 3rd Special rule (about units in each section).
ozzie replied the topic:
4 years 3 months ago
A 5-4 win to the Americans followed up by a 5-0 win. We felt the Victory conditions of 5 Banners is at least one too few. The Amercians won both games by only needing to take one redoubt each time.
In game one the Brunswickers fought on bravely until being overrun. With two units and two redoubts lost it was a 4-4. Then a long-range shot from Arnold's regiment at the British Militia rushing to Breyman's aid saw it suffer a Flag and fail the rally and break.
In Game two, Balcarres' redoubt was assaulted with just a feint against Breyman's redoubt. The assault saw one British unit forced to retreat (3 flags rolled!). It fell back on to General Lord Balcarres only to rout and carry away Balcarres. The second British unit was forced to retreat and the redoubt was abandoned and Americans' smiling at 4-0. Then , once again, Arnold's regiment fired a long-range shot on the British Militia rushing to the redoubt's aid, rolled a flag and the Militia failed its rally to break. 5-0!
Once again, I feel the Victory Condition would be better as 6 Banners, 5 is too few to really do the scenario justice and force the Americans to go for both redoubts.