Battle of Springfield

2 weeks 1 day ago #275 by ozzie
Battle of Springfield was created by ozzie
Has anyone tried this battle? It is an amazing scenario and we played it 3 times this week.

First up was an 9-2 win to the Continentals when the British led an all-out assault on the right wing and were completely annihilated with both generals killed and units all about them routing.

Game 2 was an 9-1 British win when the British led with a left wing concerted attack and eventually overrun Springfield with the Highlanders to claim victory, the Hessian lights and artillery causing heavy casualties.

Game 3 was an 9-7 British win with the Brits fighting on both flanks and despite taking casualties on the right (again) they triumphed, destroying a lot of Continentals and neutralising Springfield to remove the Continental victory token.

The British have the massed forces but without the cards to move them the Continentals can rush reserves forward and pick off units. The British Provincial infantry are especially vulnerable. And a lesson for the British player sin the this scenario is don't be tempted to launch a Bayonet Attack if you do not have at least one card that allows the flank to keep moving.

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