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VASSAL Module v1.3

3 weeks 5 days ago #259 by Mark McG
VASSAL Module v1.3 was created by Mark McG
Module v1.3 is now available for download

v1.3 Notes
+ added French units
+ added new English units
+ added new terrain Church and forked River/Road tiles
+ updated Leader star to the block art
+ added French/Hessian banner markers
+ added Expansion 1 scenarios
+ updated Base scenarios to new leader art.
+ added 2 of my own design scenarios, Germantown and Harlem Heights**
+ added French Light Indian unit & Leader*
+ added British Light Indian unit & Leader*

v1.3 will load v1.2 game saves, and if you use Tools-Refresh Counters will update the counters. Leaders will have to be manually named.

* included to allow fan expansion into French & Indian War. Not currently used in any scenario.
Design choice of 'Light' for Indians relates to using the Continental Combat Card deck. 'Ranger' Indians might also be a good choice. Unless Compass come up with a Native American Army expansion with a new Combat Deck, the Indian units need to fit within the Combat Card parameters.

**Most major/well known battles of the AWI are covered now, with the exceptions of;

Concord (probably too small)
Stony Point
White Plains***
Connecticut Farms

still plenty of minor actions to be covered


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