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French ‘Marines’

1 week 4 hours ago #223 by Mollinary
I am currently enjoying the new scenarios in the ‘French’ expansion, but I have a question regarding the new units. There are teo units of French ‘Marines’. I am by no means clear what historical units/regiments these represent, and how to model them with the 10mm figures I use to play the game. Any help gratefully received!

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6 days 15 hours ago #224 by Mark McG
Replied by Mark McG on topic French ‘Marines’
In terms of historical deployments, the orders of battle might help

Savannah is harder to find, but a recurring point of interest is the colonial troops from Haiti
D’Estaing’s 3,500 assault troops were drafted for temporary duty from regiments garrisoning the island colonies in the West Indies: Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Dominique. They included several hundred free black troops, among them young Henri Christophe, future dictator of Haiti. Formed into provisional units at Savannah, the troops and their officers had never served together before in combat. Now they were to carry out a difficult assault against a forewarned enemy. So far, nearly everything else had gone wrong.
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