From left to right: GMC CCKW 353, Opel Blitz, Bedford Oy, GMC CCKW 353 Soviet

Trucks were the fastest and most efficient way of moving troops rapidly from HQ, port, and railway staging areas to the front lines. Unless moving along proper and safe roads, however, trucks were slow and cumbersome vehicles that provided their cargo with little protection.


Traits  Transport (2), Light Vehicle
Movement 4
Armor Value 0
Attack VS Infantry (RANGE / FPR) 0 / 0
Attack VS Vehicle (RANGE / FPR) 0 / 0
Transport Trucks are transports and can be entered by friendly squads.
Effective Road Movement When moving from a hex containing a road to an adjacent hex contiguous to the same road, it only costs a truck 1/3 movement points to enter that hex. Thus, if a GMC CCKW 353 truck (4 movement points) moves along a contiguous road for its whole movement, it can move up to 12 hexes.
Fragile If a truck becomes heavily damaged, it is immediately destroyed.


The transport trucks are excellent at moving squads rapidly along roads and of extremely limited utility otherwise. When traveling off-road, trucks are no faster than the infantry they carry, but when moving on roads they can cover 12 hexes in a single turn.

With no armor and no weapons, the GMC CCKW 353 and Opel Blitz are clearly ill-suited for combat. However, once a truck has delivered its soldiers to the front lines commanders will still find the machine useful. Since it is slightly more durable than infantry, a truck can serve as a forward spotter for mortar crews, and of course can be used to rapidly shuttle troops between flanks if the situation requires.


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