Q: The “Go to Ground” strategy card is a bit confusing. How does the dummy marker work?

A: See “Card Errata” on page 47 of the rules. Go to Ground, Camouflage, and Double Time.


Q: Draw strategy cards: The rules state "The drawn card is placed faceup in his HQ area", but on the player reference sheet it states "placing the card faceup in its play area" which one is correct?

A: Drawn strategy cards go in your HQ area. I’m still surprised this is not in the official FAQ.


Q: Some of the cards say "Once per turn". Does "turn" mean once per Game Round or Action Turn?

A: "Once per turn" means "Once per action turn", and the Action Turn can be either yours or your opponent's in the same Action Phase. The "Take Cover" card, for example, can be used three times in the same Action Phase as long as it is used during three different Action Turns that either you or your opponent takes. In the case of your turn, you could use it to Take Cover from an Op Fire attack. (This clarification is actually official)


Q: What is the point of the Preparations card? With this card you have two choices. The first one seems pointless. Why would you want to immediately end your action turn and have to pay 1
command point to do this? Why expend a card to do this when you can at any time actually pass?

A: You cannot pass! You must take your actions. During the Action Phase, players alternate taking actions and "A player must take the number of actions indicated by the specific scenario" (page 10). There might be a time when you will not want to take any actions and have your opponent take actions instead. That is where the card comes in handy.


Q: My opponent from last night had 2 "Take Cover" (gives 2 extra cover) cards ready on his play area. In one of my assaults, he added a token to each of them, thus gaining 4 extra cover. Is this allowed?

A: Yes.... cards can be used together.


Q: The “Major Offensive” card says “You may take up to 4 additional actions during this turn.” I’m a little confused how this works.

A: During your current Action Turn, you can get additional 4 actions. So, for example, if the scenario gives you 3 actions per turn, then you will get 4 more actions for a total of 7 during the Action Turn you activate this strategy card. Important Note: You will need to use your first action to perform an “Activate Strategy Card” action and 2 command points to pay for the card. So in actuality, you only have 6 actions and not 7 to move your “fresh” units with since you had to use one of your first actions to activate the card.


Q: Desperation: If I use this card on a fatigued and pinned/disrupted squad, it turns into a pinned/disrupted squad in op fire mode. This is a weird state that I'm not sure how to deal with. Being pinned/disrupted prevents you from taking actions, but shooting with Op Fire isn't an action. Is this even a legal use for the card? And if it is, does it allow the unit to use op fire?

A: Nope, this is not a legal use for the card. A pinned or disrupted squad can never be placed into Op Fire mode. Page 29 of rules


Q: Can you play cards at ANY time? So you declare a Fire Attack on one of my units and I activate “Go to Ground” and conceal the unit, thus wasting your attack? Is this an example of a 'Timing Effect' that would be resolved by the player with the Initiative?

A: You would not be able to use “Go to Ground” in that way. The cards tell you when you can play them. The "Go to Ground" card is an “Action Phase” card, which means it can be played only during your Action Turn; and you must use a Special Action to play it (a Special Action uses up one of your available actions). Otherwise, yes, it if isn't explicitly listed under "Timing Conflict", the player with the imitative decides the order.


Q: When setting up a scenario, you get some initial strategy cards. Do you need to pre-designate which decks you will be drawing from (e.g. I will draw two from this deck, one from that one)? Or can you draw cards one by one and decide as you draw (i.e. allowing you to "fish" for good cards)?

A: You can draw one at a time.


Q: I have a question about the Spotting Round card, and its effects on discards. Suppose your target marker drifts to an empty hex. Must you still roll for successes (hollow ones,
obviously), to determine if the artillery card is discarded? How about fire that drifts onto friendly forces? Will two or more blue-on-blue successes still cause the discard? I presume that the answer to both is "no", since the intent of the card would seem to be to eventually guarantee effective fire on the enemy. However, the card is vaguely worded.

A: The answer to both is “yes”.


Q: There is a card in the Artillery-I deck that reduces future artillery cards by 1. Is that count accumulative with the other card?

A: Yes.


Q: When playing the "Surprise Assault" card what is the protocol? Do you wait until you opponent announces his action before you do yours? Do you simply step in when its time for him to do an action? We were playing yesterday and my opponent announced a move & fire with one of his lightly damaged tanks that was staring down my lightly damaged tank. I then played the SA card and shot at him with my tank (heavily damaging him). My opponent then said that he wouldn’t move and fire now since the tank can't move. He took a concentrated shot. I thought that he would be locked in to the action he declared (kinda like a unit getting pinned while assaulting) and would simply be stuck there. I didn't feel strongly enough about it so I let him take the shot and he heavily damaged my tank in return.

A: Actually, once he declares his action, you cannot do "Surprise Assault" as his action has started. As always, your opponent must give you enough time to declare if you are going to use "Surprise Assault". The best thing to do is to always ask before activating a unit.


Q: What happens to the cards that can be used 'once per turn', like 'Take Cover' or 'Critical Objective', once the players stops taking turns because one of them has run out of non-fatigued units?

A: You can continue using them next Round. BTW, once one player passes (or runs out of fresh units), the other player gets one more turn with an unlimited number of activations.


Q: Hardened Veterans strategy card...Can you add 2 regular infantry to a Specialized squad? Can you add it to a pinned/disrupted squad?

A: Sure, why not?


Q: Does the "Naval Bombardments" operations card have a typo? The card says, "... with this card each (action) turn." Was it supposed to say "... with this card each (game) round" instead?

A: Rob Kouba said, “It is not a typo. Just remember that you must have a fresh officer to use.” Bill Jaffe said, “In the scenario I designed it's once a round. Otherwise the card is correct. (This one is official - also see the Normandy Expansion clarifications below.)


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alecrespi replied the topic:
1 year 10 months ago
First of all let's define that Surprise Assault have to be played during the previous command phase (previous turn) to be available during subsequent turns.

During next turn you could activate Surpprise Assault to gain 4 Actions.
Due to Surprise Assault cost (1 action) in this case I would add only 3 actions with Major Offensive.

Mp5mark replied the topic:
1 year 10 months ago
Surprise assault- can you use major offensive card? So by playing this card would the surprise assault get 4 actions?