Restriction tokens are placed in the specialization slot of a squad base. The rules for using these two new tokens are as follows:

  • If a squad has a restriction, it may not have a specialization.
  • A squad may only have one restriction.
  • A squad with a restriction is able to perform squad transfers.

Unarmed Unit

Many Soviet soldiers were sent into battle unarmed and forced to scavenge weapons from the dead and wounded.

Shortage: This squad may only attack using hand-to-hand assaults (see optional rule at end of this guide).

Scavenge: If at least one squad has this restriction or you are playing with the campaign rules, do not remove squad bases from the map when squads are eliminated (unless reinforcements require it). If a squad with the unarmed restriction is in the same hex as an empty base, it may salvage arms and ammo from the eliminated squad, and this restriction and the empty base are removed. Note: when a unit with the unarmed restriction is eliminated, remove its base from the board, since it has no arms or ammunition to salvage. In addition, squad bases that are removed as a result of squad transfers during the Status Phase do not count as eliminated, and are removed from the board after each transfer is completed.

Starving Unit

Soldiers on both sides often went without food for days.

Hungry: This squad has its movement (MV) and firepower reduced by 1 (minimum 1) and may not assault.

Resupply: If a unit with the starving restriction ends its movement on a supply command objective, this restriction is removed.


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