Five new decks of Strategy cards are included in this expansion:

Soviet Urban Warfare 1, German Urban Warfare 1, Campaign Ammunition 1, Campaign Supply 1 and Campaign Morale 1.

Each scenario describes which Strategy decks are available to each nation. Players should also feel free to use these new decks when creating their own scenarios.

One new Strategy card, "Fliegerkorps VIII" in German Urban Warfare 1 Deck, includes the keywords "target line" in its text.

Keyword: "Target Line"

Designating a target line is similar to designating a target hex.
The player places a target token on a target hex. then chooses two more hexes that extend from the target hex in a straight line as illustrated. When determining drift, move the target token as normal, then apply the attack to the target hexes, making sure that the other two hexes remain in the same position relative to the target hexes. All three hexes should drill in the same distance and direction. Every unit in those three hexes (including friendly units) are targeted by the full strength of the attack. (Also see Strategy Cards section of the TOI core rules.)

Campaign Strategy Decks

Stalingrad introduces three new Campaign Strategy decks.
These decks are fully described in the separate Stalingrad Campaign Rules and Scenario Guide.

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