This section contains illustrations and brief descriptions of all the components found in this expansion.

Soviet Plastic Figures

These detailed plastic figures represent the Soviet military personnel and vehicles that Tide of Iron players can command.
Also included are 16 Soviet squad bases in two different shades of brown.

German Plastic Figures

These figures represent the German Panzer III tank and the German StuG III assault gun. In the Stalingrad expansion, the StuG III plastic figure is considered to be either the early StuG Ill E model or the sIG 33b self-propelled gun (depending upon the scenario), with new stats found on the Unit Reference Sheet and Operations Cards.

Unit Reference Sheets

These sheets provide players with the combat values and special abilities for each of the plastic units.

Soviet Tokens

A variety of Soviet tokens are provided. These include Soviet control markers, concealed squad markers, command objective markers, and a victory point token. These tokens function exactly as their American and German counterparts in the Tide of Iron core game.

City Map Boards (Dense Urban Terrain)

These double-sided map boards are used to build the game board for each Stalingrad scenario. The rules governing new terrain features are in this guide, and a summary of terrain features can be found on the back of this rules booklet.

Map Overlay Tiles

New map overlay tiles are provided for use in the Stalingrad scenarios. These overlays include railway, collapsed building, fountain, and clear terrain. As with the overlay tiles provided in the TOI core game, these new overlays are placed on top of the map boards, altering their terrain features. There are also bombarded terrain overlays that mark large areas of terrain damaged by artillery and air bombardment.

Obstacle Tokens

The tank trap/razor wire and minefield obstacle tokens included in the Stalingrad expansion function the same as these obstacle tokens included in the TOI core game. but have been designed to match the art of the Stalingrad city map boards. There  are also new weakened building/ruins tokens that indicate building damage and extra cost to movement.

Specialization Tokens

Stalingrad introduces four new types of specialization tokens: the mounted unit; the SMG (submachinegun) unit; the commissar unit; and the assault engineer unit.

Mounted SMG Commissar Assault Engineer

Restriction Tokens

Stalingrad introduces two new restriction tokens that impose a penalty on a unit and forbid that unit from gaining a specialization. Introduced in this expansion are the unarmed unit and the starving unit.

Starving, Unarmed

Immobile Tokens

These new tokens indicate vehicles that are unable to move due to enemy actions or hazardous terrain.

Fire Tokens

These new tokens represent the strengths of the combustible fires that a player can encounter and/or create when playing Stalingrad scenarios. 

Crowded Building Tiles and Location Markers

These new extra-large building tiles are included for use when a building hex on the map becomes too crowded. A matching location marker is used to reference which game map hex the off-board building tile represents.

Scenario Specific Tokens

Four new tokens used by cards and specific scenarios include: 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment 37-mm AA gunsobservation posts: flame fougasse; and sniper tokens.

Campaign Objective Markers

The new campaign objective markers indicate hexes that provide players with the various types of campaign command. These markers are (left to right above): ammunitionmorale and supply.

Level Limit and Level Indicator Tokens

Level limit tokens are placed in multi-level buildings to indicate the maximum elevation available in each hex of that building. Level indicators are placed near squads that move up from the ground floor (a "1" indicates the floor above the ground floor).

Strategy Cards

Five new decks of Strategy cards are included in this expansion:

Soviet Urban Warfare 1, German Urban Warfare 1, Campaign Ammunition 1, Campaign Supply 1 and Campaign Morale 1.
These Strategy cards are used in the  new scenarios, the campaign game, and may also be used in player-made scenarios. adding a wide range of new benefits and abilities to Tide of Iron.

Operations Cards

The twelve new Operations cards provide a variety of rules to their assigned scenarios, mostly pertaining to the Eastern Front theatre of war.

038 Panzer IV Ausf. E Ausf. E
039 Snow Squalls
040 Lack of Tank Radios
041 Increased Firepower: T-34
042 Increased Firepower: KV-1
043 Tank Riders
044 Soviet Command Restraints
045 Elite Formations
046 Nebelwerfer Support
047 Katyusha Support
048 Heavy Mortar Support

Soviet Initiative Card

The Soviet initiative card functions exactly the same as its American and German counterparts in the Tide of Iron core game.

Sewer Movement Cards and Entrance Tokens

Sewer tokens mark entrances to the sewers underneath the city, which the Soviets can exploit. Sewer Movement cards are used to track a squad's movement in the sewers. Entrance markers indicate the sewer where a specific squad started its sewer movement.


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