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227 D-Day -1: Sainte-Mère-Église

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The town played a significant part in the World War II Normandy landings because this village stood right in the middle of route N13, which the Germans would have most likely used on any significant counterattack on the troops landing on Utah and Omaha Beaches. In the early morning of 6 June 1944 mixed units of the U.S. 82nd Airborne and U.S. 101st Airborne Divisions occupied the town in Operation Boston, giving it the claim to be one of the first towns liberated in the invasion.
In the early landings, at about 0140 directly on the town, resulted in heavy casualties for the paratroopers. Some buildings in town were on fire that night, and they illuminated the sky, making easy targets of the descending men. Some were sucked into the fire. Many hanging from trees and utility poles were shot before they could cut loose. The German defenders were alerted.

The game: The basics idea of this game is a “round robin” event. There will be room for up to 8 players. Prior to the game start, each player signs up on the roster list and, when the time comes, randomly rolls and builds a squad. At the beginning of the game, the starting players place their squad on the game board in accordance with the scenario rules. Game play for each player continues in a randomly drawn order, until a player is knocked out. He may then resign up on the roster, pick a new squad and rejoin the game. Game play runs until the referee calls the end. At the end of the day, the player with the most victory points wins the overall day, and first place.

Generating and Deploying Squads

Each new player may sign their name on the roster, as long as they are not “in game.” Starting from the top, when a spot on the table is open, a named player may roll and randomly build a squad. At the start of the next run, the new player joins the table.
At the beginning of each turn, each player “in game” draws a card. Starting in order of the cards, each player may:
1) Drop their new squad in game. The Germans spawn from the specific reinforcement area and the Americans parachute in anywhere on the board (see below).
2) May make 1 Action per turn, as per the TOI rules.
Squad generation
Step 1: Force is the lowest number of units per side active on the table or on the roster.
Step 2: Roll 1d6 4 times to create squad, consulting the tables below for results.


American and German Squad Generation Table

Faction Roll Result
1-5 Elite Infantry
6 Officer (Max 1 officer, reroll)

1-4 Regular Infantry
5-6 Elite Infantry
7 Officer
8 Mortar (max 2)
9 Machine Gun
10 Double mortar
11 Squad Specialization: Roll once on the squad specialization table. Squad specialization may not have mortars, MG or vehicles. If so, reroll for that position and keep squad specialization
12 Vehicle: Scrap current squad and roll on German vehicle table

German Vehicle Generation Table

Roll Result
1-3 SdKfz 251 Halftrack
4-5 Panzer IV Ausf. H
6 Panzer VI Tiger I

Unit Spawning: Americans
Unless the American Squad has an Officer, it may not move on the turn spawned (parachuted in) on. Squad is simply placed on the board (as a fatigued unit) and hopes for good luck while the rest of the “stick” gathers. The squad may still be fired upon as normal.
There are 24 map boards in play, numbered 1-12. When an American Squad parachutes in, the player rolls a 1d12. They locate both map boards numbered 12, and selects one to chute in on. They then roll for high drift using the center hex as a starting point.

Unit Spawning: Germans
There are 4 German Spawn points on the map. The German army is more organized than the American and each player may choose which spawn point they want to start at. German squads start the turn Fatigued unless there is an officer in the squad; German vehicles do not start Fatigued.

Victory Conditions and Victory Points

The player at the end of the day with the most victory points wins.
There are several ways to gain victory points, as the Victory Point Table shows.

Victory Point Table
Action Point Value
Hold Objective 1 per turn
Eliminate enemy Soldier 1 per figure
Inflict 1 hit to vehicle 1 per hit
Squad Support (do any above action within 2 hexes of a friendly unit) x2 bonus per turn per action

Spending Victory Points
A player may choose to hold or spend Victory Points (VP). On certain randomly-determined locations on the map, American aircraft drop supplies. There are 3 “Rally points” on the table. When an American squad moves into a hex containing one of the drop points, they may spend 1 VP to roll 1d6 on the American Supply Table and apply the result.
1) The squad may choose to accept or ignore the roll, but only gets one roll per turn, per 1 VP. Andy roll success is lost if refused.
2) Each squad (as per game rules) may have one specialization, one Machine Gun, or up to two mortars.
3) A specialization may not be combined with a Mortar, Double Mortar or Machine Gun.
Regardless of the result, any American squad that spends 15 VPs has any and all lost figures replaced at these Rally points. Germans do not get resupplied in this fashion.

American Supply Table
Roll Squad Upgrade

1 Engineer Specialization
2 Medic Specialization
3 Bazooka Specialization
4 Mortar
5 Double Mortar
6 Machine Gun


Note: No map or overlay images or specifications provided.



  American German
Division 1

x Squad Bases
- x Regular Infantry

x Squad Bases
- x Regular Infantry
Division 2

x Squad Bases
- x Regular Infantry

x Squad Bases
- x Regular Infantry
Strategy Decks - -
Starting Strategy Cards - -
Operations Cards - -
Deployment Zone - -
Starting Initiative Initiative Token Initiative Token
Objective - -
Rounds x
Actions per turn x x
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules - -


Tags: American Army, German Army, Complexity: High, Year: 1944


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