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 57 %
Record a victory for BOTTOM ARMY  43 %
Total plays 7 - Last reported by JVHillegas-Elting on 2022-02-18 04:15:12

From the Russian-Finnish winter war.
Finnish ski troops ambush the Russians.


  Soviet Finnish
Division 1

3 Squad Bases
- 12 Regular Infantry

1 GMC CCKW 353
2 KV-1

1x Starving

4 Squad Bases
- 7 Regular Infantry
- 8 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer

4x SMG

Division 2

6 Squad Bases
- 23 Regular Infantry
- 1 Officer

1 GMC CCKW 353

1x Starving
1x Commissar

4 Squad Bases
- 11 Regular Infantry
- 4 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer

4x Expert

Strategy Decks - -
Starting Strategy Cards - -
Operations Cards - -
Deployment Zone The three hexes outlined in red. Anywhere except adjacent to a Russian unit.
Starting Initiative Setup First. Initiative Token
Objective Eliminate ALL Finnish units (or) save at least 1 tank by moving it off the map through one of the victory marker hexes. (Costs one movement point to exit the map). Eliminate ALL Russian units (including the tanks).
Rounds infinite
Actions per turn 2 2
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules

Reduce movement values of all Russian units by 1.

Soviets are caught by surprise and may therefore not initially be put in op fire mode.

All Finns have +1 movement (due to skis) Snow


It should be noted that ALL trucks need to be full in order to place all troops within the three deployment hexes.
The commissar is just added for fluff.
Experts represent ad-hoc anti-tank weapons.
If the Finns don’t act correctly in the first two turns, it will most probably be a fast victory for the Russians. It is up to the Finnish player to find out what the first two actions should be. If the first two actions are chosen wisely, it is a balanced scenario.
The Russians have several options, both at
setup and during play, and the Finns need to react in order to achieve victory.


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JVHillegas-Elting replied the topic:
1 year 1 month ago
Last week I had the rare-these-days opportunity of playing in-person with two of my greatest friends. The friend I played with has a solid foundation of experience with this game, but among the two of us, I am the more experienced.

We played this scenario about six times over about five hours. The compactness of the scenario lends itself to being relatively quick to play, which is fantastic. In spite of its compactness, we found it to be filled with a lot of complexity and decision-making.

Five of the six times we played, I recall winning three times. I always played the Soviets, ScubaSeth played the Finns. Then we looked closer at the special rules, and realized we made a mistake in that the Finns cannot set up adjacent to any enemy unit. We thought this would give the Soviets an advantage relative to how we'd been playing, but the Finns won again by denying the exit of a KV-1 at the north edge of the map on the very last turn.

Speaking from the Soviet's perspective, the key here is just to get those KVs off the map as soon as possible, and not get bogged-down in fighting the Finns. It also behooves the Soviets to dismount troops from the transports before the Finns destroy the transports.

I really enjoyed how compact, clear, and quick-to-play this scenario was.