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file 069 Dash to Dunkirk

1 year 8 months ago - 7 months 2 weeks ago #405 by alecrespi
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7 months 2 weeks ago #793 by JVHillegas-Elting
Last week I had the rare-these-days opportunity of playing in-person with two of my greatest friends. The friend I played with has a solid foundation of experience with this game, but among the two of us, I am the more experienced.

We played this scenario once. ScubaSeth as the Brits, me as the Germans. I won.

This scenario was extremely fun for me. We ran out of time to play it multiple times--as I generally like to do--but what I liked about it was the random timing of German units entering the battle; the random placement of German units on the map once entered; and the fact that the Brits' goal is merely to exit units at the other side of the map.

Neither of us had played a scenario with this dynamic, so it was a learning curve for both of us. As Germany, I definitely placed my first on-board units (which didn't happen until the end of Round 3) in a more exposed and offensive place than I needed to, and suffered the consequences in both casualties and having to move units quickly to other places on the board. As the Brits, ScubaSeth was more cautious than he ought to have been, which slowed him down greatly.

Germany had about 3-5 area attacks from bombers and artillery during the first three rounds that did not do much damage at all--either because of drift, or because Officers and Elites kept units from being pinned, or simply because Germany rolled crap dice a lot. These attacks seemed great on paper, but in reality they were very underwhelming. The Brits should not have been afraid of these.

This is a scenario I definitely want to play at least a few more times.

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2 months 6 days ago #824 by boersma8
Replied by boersma8 on topic 069 Dash to Dunkirk
I'm glad you enjoyed the scenario. It was actually inspired by the book/movie Atonement. 

Yes,  due to the random timing and placement of the units, the scenario plays out differently each time!

Considering that you liked this scenario,  I also strongly recommend another scenario of mine: A nasty surprise. Soviet tanks need to destroy a German foward supply depot during the early phases of Operation Barbarossa and then make it off the board quickly to prevent encirclement.

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