Mortar Unit

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CLASS Battlefield Soldier Unit
MOVE 0 and battle
1 and no battle
1 hex per flag
Units does not need line of sight to target enemy battlefield unit.
Burst symbol will clear wire but not create crater.

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Mark McG's Avatar
Mark McG replied the topic: #713 4 years 9 months ago
I would say both the unit takes a hit and the wire is removed. C&C rules are usually pretty literal. Don't attempt to read in anything.
Clexton27's Avatar
Clexton27 replied the topic: #711 4 years 9 months ago
When a Mortar unit fires on an Infantry unit in a hex with wire and gets a BURST symbol on the dice does the infantry take a hit and the wire is also removed? OR Does the BURST have to occur on a wire hex devoid of units to remove the wire?
P.34 Rules states: "When a mortar unit combat rolls a burst on a hex with a wire token, the wire token is removed from the hex."

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