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Mark IV Tank (male)

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Tank Strength  1 Tank Silhouette Token
Movement Up to 2 hexes, no bogged down roll for first hex of movement, 1 die bogged down roll is made for each hex moved after the first: see Bogged Down rules section.

[4] - 3¹ - 2 - 1

A Mark IV male tank has a range of 4 hexes:
(adjacent no ranged combat, the 4 dice is close combat)
(two hexes to target 3 dice and at a two hex range, ¹Deadly Die side symbols rolled in battle will score a hit)
(three hexes to target 2 dice)
(four hexes to target 1 die)

Morale Must always ignore 1 flag
Recover When tank is ordered to recover, the player gains one recovery die
Victory Value 2 Medals 


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