Bunker / Fort

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Movement Must stop and move no further when entering this hex.
Combat • A unit that moves onto a bunker hex may battle, but reduces the number of battle dice rolled by 1 this turn.
• A unit that is already on a bunker hex does not reduce the number of battle dice it rolls.
• Targeting a unit on a bunker hex in ranged combat, the unit on the bunker hex will ignore 2 soldier symbols and may ignore all flags.
• Targeting a unit on a bunker hex in close combat, the unit on a bunker hex will ignore 1 soldier symbol, and may ignore all flags, except from a flame-thrower attack, see “Special Personnel Flame-Thrower” rules section.
• When reserve artillery targeting dice have 3 or more dice On Target, place a shell crater token on the bunker hex. When the battle dice are rolled for the On Target hex on this  combat, all terrain protection is ignored and all dice symbols rolled will count. The hex, after this combat, is considered a rubble hex when determining terrain protection: see “Building Rubble” rules section in the core game.
Line of Sight Blocks line of sight.


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