Bridge (Damaged)

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  A damaged bridge is considered a fordable waterway hex.
An infantry unit with a special personnel engineer figure may rebuild a bridge. When a damaged bridge is rebuilt, flip the damage bridge token over to the bridge side
Movement On a damaged bridge a soldier unit that enters must stop and may move no further on this turn. A damaged bridge is still impassable terrain for tanks and field artillery.
Combat A soldier unit that moves onto or is already on a damaged bridge may not battle.
Targeting a unit on a damaged bridge hex in ranged or close combat, the unit on a damaged bridge hex does not have any protection (may not ignore soldier symbols or flags).
When reserve artillery targeting dice have 3 or more dice On Target, do not place a shell crater token on the damaged bridge hex. When the battle dice are rolled for the On Target hex on this combat, all terrain protection is ignored and all dice symbols rolled will count.
Line of Sight A damaged bridge hex does not block line of sight.
A unit on a damaged bridge hex, however, will block line of sight.

Note: Special personnel engineer figures, at this time are not available. These figures are part of a special personnel figure expansion to be released at a future date.

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