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Movement No movement restrictions.
Combat A unit that moves onto a trench or that is already on a trench hex does not reduce the number of battle dice it rolls.
Targeting a unit on a trench hex in ranged combat, the unit on a trench hex will ignore 2 soldier symbols, and may ignore 2 flags.
Targeting a unit on a trench hex in close combat, the unit on a trench hex will ignore 1 soldier symbol, and may ignore 1 flag.
When reserve artillery targeting dice have 3 or more dice On Target, place a shell crater token on the trench hex. When the battle dice are rolled for the On Target hex on this combat, all terrain protection is ignored and all dice symbols rolled will count. The hex, after this combat, is considered a shell crater hex when determining terrain protection.
Line of Sight A trench hex does not block line of sight.
A unit, however, when on a trench hex will block line of sight.

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jc70's Avatar
jc70 replied the topic: #1175 7 months 2 days ago
une unité dans une tranchée qui attaque une autre unité adjacente dans la même tranchée doit on appliquer les restrictions
ffoulk's Avatar
ffoulk replied the topic: #510 5 years 8 months ago
I house rule that upon entering a trench SYSTEM (ie not from a conjoined trench) all units apart from tanks must halt. Tanks test to bog with 3 dice.
Astavar's Avatar
Astavar replied the topic: #474 5 years 11 months ago
Hello and good morning dear gamers,
I´m sitting here reading and re-reading the rules, wondering, why there is no movement-penalty for trenches? Is this an oversight (in the rules or by me)? If no, what could be the intention for this, as I see trenches as rather obtrusive on the fields of battle and somewhat obstructive.

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