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  • 1 Battlefield Game Board
  • 5 Terrain and Accessories punchboards containing:
    • 58 double-sided terrain tiles
    • 30 HQ tokens
    • 2 Targeting Templates
    • 4 Reserve Artillery rectangular tokens
    • 26 Wire/Shell Crater double-sided rectangular tokens
    • 20 Round German / British double-sided Victory Medal tokens
  • 58 Command Cards
  • 2 Victory Medal Cards
  • 40 Combat Cards
  • 8 WWI Battle dice and a battle dice sticker sheet
  • 5 Targeting dice, standard numbered die 1-6
  • 162 WWI plastic figures:
    • 48 German Infantry
    • 3 German Special Personnel Bomber
    • 3 German Machine Gun teams (1 machine gun figure and 4 crew members)
    • 3 German Mortar teams (1 mortar figure and 4 crew members)
    • 48 British Infantry
    • 3 British Special Personnel Bomber
    • 3 British Machine Gun teams (1 machine gun figure 4 crew members)
    • 3 British Mortar teams (1 mortar figure and 4 crew members)
  • 1 Rule Book
  • 1 Scenario Book containing XX WWI battle scenarios
  • 2 Unit and Terrain Summary Sheets

Battlefield Game Board

The WWI battlefield game board (hereafter referred to as the battlefield) has a hex grid, 12 hexes wide by 11 hexes deep. One side of the game board pictures a war torn landscape and on the other a countryside setting. The battlefield is divided into three sections by two dotted lines, giving each player a left flank section, a centre section and a right flank section. Where the dotted line cuts through a hex, the hex is considered to be part of both the flank section and the centre section.
The half-hexes that border the sides of the battlefield, are not considered to be part of the Command and Colours WWI field of battle.

  1. Command cards
  2. Combat cards
  3. Reserve artillery token
  4. Victory medals track card
  5. HQ tokens
  6. Victory medals
  7. Battle dice
  8. Reserve artillery targeting dice
  9. Reserve artillery targeting template

Terrain Tiles

The terrain tiles represent a wide range of terrain features and are placed on the map board to recreate a historical battlefield for a scenario. For a description of all Terrain: see the Terrain rules section.

Command Cards

Command cards are used to order troops to move, battle, or do something special. Units may only move or battle when given an order. For a description of each Command Card: see the Command Card rules section.

Victory Medal Card

When the last figure of an enemy unit is eliminated, take a Victory Medal and it is placed on your Victory Medal Card to track victory. Also, when a Victory Medal is gained for completing a scenario specific objective, the Victory Medal is placed on your Victory Medal Card.

Combat Cards

These cards represent military actions and sometime unexplainable WWI happenings or unit abilities. These cards may hinder the opposition army, enhance a player’s units, or may instantly change the course of a battle.

WWI Battle Dice 

HQ tokens

In terms of game play, HQ tokens are a measurement of each army’s resources, leadership and luck. HQ tokens act as the currency that fuels the play of Combat Cards and combat of an army’s reserve artillery.

Wire/Shell Crater Tokens

These double-sided tokens have an image of wire on one side and shell craters on the other.


These man-made battlefield obstacles were positioned on a battlefield to hinder and break any potential enemy attack. Wire tokens, like terrain tiles, are placed on the battlefield prior to a battle as indicated by the scenario map.

Shell Craters

The war torn sections of No-Man’s-Land was the sight of numerous craters created by constant artillery shelling. These holes in the ground became places of refuge for infantry as they advanced, as well as obstacles they had to overcome. Shell crater tokens are created and placed on the battlefield before the battle starts during No-Man’s-Land Shelling and in some cases from reserve artillery combat.

Reserve Artillery Tokens

The reserve artillery token represents the strength of the army’s reserve artillery battery.
When the reserve artillery is ordered, the strength number is equal to the maximum number of HQ tokens that can be spent to buy targeting dice that are used in conjunction with the targeting template. The strength of each army’s reserve artillery is detailed in the scenario notes.


WWI Plastic Figures

The forces that players command on the battlefield are represented by 162 detailed plastic figures. The German and British figures of each army have their own distinctive colour.
The machine gunner figures need to be assembled prior to your first game.

  • An infantry unit is made up of four soldier figures with rifles. An infantry unit is classified as a battlefield soldier unit.
  • A machine gun team unit is made up of 1 machine gun with a gunner figure and three additional crew member figures. A machine gun unit is classified as a battlefield soldier unit.
  • A mortar team unit is made up of 1 mortar with a loader figure and three additional crew member figures. A mortar unit is classified as a battlefield soldier unit.
  • A special personnel figure, when added to a unit, will allow the unit to perform one or more special actions. Each army, in the core game, has three special personnel bomber figures.


Targeting Template

With limited spotting and fire combat conducted from far behind the friendly front lines, the accuracy of an army’s reserve artillery is represented by the use of a targeting template.
Players will use the targeting template when ordering their reserve artillery batteries to combat.

Targeting Dice

The targeting dice are used in conjunction with the targeting template and other game functions.

Victory Medal Tokens

Victory Medal tokens have a German symbol on one side and a British symbol on the other side. Victory Medals are gained when the last figure of an enemy unit is eliminated and by capturing a certain terrain hex or other battlefield objective. In some battles, the Victory Medal is placed directly on the battlefield, with the army’s side face up to indicate the army has captured the objective and is in control.
Players are not limited by the number of wire/shell crater tokens or the number of battle dice included in the core game. Should the wire/shell crater tokens be depleted, players should substitute another marker as necessary. If a player must roll more dice than are available, he should re-roll any of the previously rolled dice and track or remember the previous results.


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