Tactic Cards

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Tactic cards allow ordered units to move and/or battle in ways not normally allowed in the basic rules. However, terrain movement and battle restrictions still apply when a command card’s action contradicts the basic terrain rules.

Artillery Bombard

Issue an order to your reserve artillery. The reserve artillery may combat twice, but only spends HQ tokens for one combat. -Or- Issue an order to 1 unit of your choice. (2 cards)

Big Show

For each command card you have, including this card, roll 1 die. A soldier symbol orders an infantry unit. A Deadly Die side orders a machine gun or mortar unit. Each flag orders 1 battlefield unit of your choice. Collect one HQ token for each HQ rolled. Ordered units battle with 1 additional die for the entire turn. Reshuffle the command card deck and discards. Also reshuffle the combat card deck and discards. (1 card)

Counter Attack

When you play this card, it becomes a copy of the command card your opponent played on his last turn. Follow the instructions on that card as though you were actually playing it, except reverse any section references made on the card (left section
becomes right section and vice versa). (2 cards)

Direct From HQ

Issue an order to 1 battlefield unit for each HQ you spend. Place an HQ token on the units that are ordered to keep track of which units are ordered. Remove the token after the unit moves and cannot battle or remove it after unit battles when eligible. Do not collect HQ tokens when rolled in combat this turn. (3 cards)

Infantry Assault

Issue an order to all infantry units in 1 section. Units may move up to 2 hexes and still battle or move 3 hexes and not battle. Terrain movement and battle restrictions still apply. If you do not have any infantry units, issue an order to 1 unit of your choice. (3 cards)
Machine gun and mortar units are not considered infantry units and are not ordered by the play of an “Infantry Assault” card.


Roll 1 die for each command card you have, including this card. For each soldier symbol, 1 lost figure is returned to an infantry unit. For each HQ or flag, 1 lost figure is returned to a battlefield unit of your choice. A unit may not gain more figures that it originally had. If a unit gains at least 1 figure, it may also be issued an order. (1 card)

Rush & Rotation

Issue an order to 4 soldier units to reinforce success or rotate and pull back. An ordered unit may move up to 6 hexes, but must end its move in a hex adjacent to a friendly unit. Units may move through friendly units and terrain that is not impassable. Units may not combat this turn. (1 card).
Infantry, machine gun and mortar units are all considered soldier units and may be ordered by the play of the “Rush & Rotation” card.

Storm of Fire

Issue an order to 4 battlefield units to open fire and battle with 1 additional die this turn. Units may not move or be ordered when in an adjacent hex to an enemy unit. (3 cards)

Strike First

Play this card after your opponent declares a close combat, but before he rolls his die. Your defending unit will battle first. If the opponent’s unit is not eliminated or retreats, it may then battle as originally ordered. At the end of the turn, you draw a replacement command card first. (1 card)

Whistles & Bugle Calls

Order a general advance. Issue an order to a group of battlefield units in adjacent, linked and contiguous hexes. (1 cards)

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