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Players alternate taking turns, until one player reaches the number of Victory Medals indicated by the scenario victory conditions. A game ends the moment a player reaches the required number of Victory Medals, regardless of when this occurs during a game turn.
Players accumulate Victory Medals in a number of ways: eliminating enemy units is the most common way. The unit’s last figure to be eliminated marks the defeat of the unit, and the gain of a corresponding Victory Medal for the opponent.

  • For a machine gun unit, the stand with the machine gun figure and figure manning the machine gun is always the last stand to be eliminated in the unit.
  • For a mortar unit, the stand with the mortar figure and figure loading the mortar is always the last stand to be eliminated.
  • A unit with a special personnel figure, the special personnel figure is removed from the battlefield along with the last figure of the unit.

Accomplishing scenario specific Victory Medal objectives, like occupying a trench or capturing certain terrain hexes, will be explicitly spelled out in the scenario’s battle notes.

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