Phase 3 - Movement

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Movements are announced and made sequentially, one ordered unit at a time, in the sequence of a player’s choice. A player must complete one unit’s movement before beginning another.

Unit Movement

  • A unit may only move once per turn.
  • A unit that is ordered does not have to move.
  • Ordered units may move from one section of the battlefield into another.
  • A unit may never move onto any of the half-hexes that border the side of the battlefield.
  • A unit may only move off the battlefield’s baseline hexes when explicitly allowed in the scenario notes.
  • Two units may not occupy the same hex.
  • When moving a unit, the unit may not move onto or through a hex occupied by a friendly unit or an enemy unit.
  • A unit may not split off individual figures from the unit; they must stay together and always move as a group.
  • A unit that is reduced through casualties may not combine with another unit.
  • Some terrain features will impact movement and may prevent a unit from moving its full distance or battling.
  • Retreat movement rules vary slightly from ordered movement: see the Retreat rules section.

Infantry Unit Movement

An ordered infantry unit may move up to 1 hex and battle, or 2 hexes and not battle.

Machine Gun & Mortar Unit Movement

An ordered machine gun or mortar unit may move 1 hex, but may not battle when it moves.

Reserve Artillery Movement

An ordered reserve artillery battery may not move.

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