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Phase 1 - Play a Command Card

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At the start of a turn, the player must play a command card from his hand. Place it face up, and read it aloud. Command cards are used to order a player’s units to move, battle, or do something special. The card played dictates in which section(s) of the battlefield orders are issued and how many units may be ordered. Units may only move and/or battle when given an order. There are two types of command cards, section cards and tactic cards.

Section Command Card

A section command card is recognisable by an iconic representation of the battlefield. Each section card is used to order a set number of units in the section or a combination of sections of the battlefield, highlighted by an arrow and a number.

Tactic Command Card

A tactic command card orders units across the battlefield in any section and may allow the ordered units to move and/or battle in ways not normally allowed in the basic rules.
When the number of units to be ordered is not a fixed number, but instead the card states “for each command card you have, including this card” the number of units a player may order is equal to the number of command cards in the player’s possession (including the command card currently being played).
If a player is ever in a situation, where no unit can be ordered by the command card just played, disregard phases 2 through 4 of the game turn and go directly to the draw phase End of Turn.

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