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Rule clarifications & Updates

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Special Personnel

A special personnel figure is added to a unit and will allow the unit to perform one or more special actions.

  • A unit with a special personnel figure will be labelled on a scenario map.
  • When a special personnel figure is deployed in a scenario, the special personnel figure is added to a unit when setting up the battle giving the unit one additional figure.
  • A special personnel figure’s pose, and its square base, will identify a special personnel figure in the battlefield unit.
  • A special personnel figure must move along with its unit.
  • The figure is not transferable to any other unit.
  • It does not count as a figure that can be removed to satisfy losses.

(Rule Update)

  • When a unit with a special personnel figure loses one or more figures in combat, there is a chance that the special personnel figure may also be removed. Your opponent will roll one die to see if the special personnel figure is also removed in addition to the other figures. If the Deadly Die side symbol is rolled, the special personnel figure is also lost and removed from the unit. All other symbols rolled on this check are ignored. When the special personnel figure is lost, the unit no longer will receive the special action of the special personnel figure.

(Rule Update)

  • When a special personnel figure is removed, it will not count as a Victory Medal.
  • When the last figure in the unit is eliminated, the special personnel figure is also removed from the battlefield along with the last figure of the unit.

Objective Medals

Breakthrough Medal Objective

When a player’s victory objective allows his forces to achieve a Breakthrough medal, each unit that exits the battlefield from an opponent’s baseline hex, gains the player one Permanent Victory Medal. To exit, the unit must be ordered and move off the battlefield. Moving from a baseline hex on the opponent’s baseline off the battlefield counts as one hex of movement to exit.

(Rule Update)

A Tank model when it exits the battlefield gains the player two Permanent Victory Medals.

(Rule Clarification)

A unit must start its turn on an opponent’s baseline hex to exit off the battlefield to gain a breakthrough medal. A player may not exit units from the battlefield when playing the “Rush & Rotation” command card and gain a breakthrough medal.

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