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Components (Exp#1)

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  • 4 Terrain and Accessories punchboards containing:
  • 36 double-sided terrain tiles
  • 9 Fortified Position Wire double-sided rectangular markers
  • 4 Bridge/Damaged Bridge double-sided rectangular tokens
  • 20 British/German double-sided Tank Silhouette square tokens
  • 15 double-sided Bogged Down/Ditched Tank rectangular tokens
  • 4 Captured Tank markers
  • 6 WWI Tank Models
  • 2 British Mark IV ‘male’ Tank
  • 2 British Mark IV ‘female’ Tank
  • 2 German A7V Tank
  • 2 German Artillery units (1 artillery piece and 4 crew members)
  • 1 Rule & Scenario Booklet with 21 WWI battle scenarios
  • 2 Unit and Terrain Summary Sheets

Terrain Tiles

The terrain tiles represent a wide range of terrain features and are placed on the map board to recreate a historical battlefield for a scenario. For a description of new Terrain: see the Terrain rules section.

Fortified Position/Wire Markers

These double-sided markers have an image of a fortified position on one side and wire on the other.

Fortified Position

A fortified position provides both additional cover and security for any soldiers that are fortunate enough to occupy these positions on the battlefield. Fortified position markers, like terrain tiles, are placed on the battlefield prior to a battle as indicated by the scenario map.

Bridge/Damaged Bridge

These double-sided tokens have an image of a bridge on one side and damaged bridge on the other.


A bridge token, when positioned on a waterway hex, eliminates any movement or battle restrictions of the waterway hex.

Damaged Bridge

A damaged bridge token indicates that the bridge is damaged. A damaged bridge acts as a ford over the waterway, but to cross the waterway without movement and battle restrictions, the bridge must first be repaired.

Tank Silhouette Tokens

One or more tank silhouette tokens are placed with a tank figure at the start of a battle to indicate the relative number of hits it can absorb before being lost. Each confirmed hit on a tank will remove one token. When all tokens are removed, the next confirmed hit on the tank will remove the tank model and the opponent will gain medals.


Bogged Down/Ditched Tank Markers

These double-sided tokens have an image of a Bogged Down tank on one side and an image of a Ditched tank on the other.

Bogged Down

A Bogged down marker is placed on a hex with a tank to indicate the tank, for some reason, is either stuck or has some minor situation that must be remedied before it can once again move and get back into the battle.

Ditched Tank

A ditched tank marker is placed on a hex with a tank to indicate the tank crew has left the tank. A player can choose to ditch a tank after an unsuccessful attempt to recover a tank that was bogged down.

Captured Tank

When a scenario deploys one or more captured British tanks fighting for the German army, place a captured tank marker on the captured British tanks.

WWI Tank Models

The expansion contains six WWI tank models and specific rules for the following tanks: 2 British Mark IV ‘male’ tanks, 2 British Mark IV ‘female’ tanks and 2 German A7V tanks.
A tank unit consists of one model and a number of tank silhouette tokens.
In the early war scenarios, players must use Mark IV tank models to act as stand-ins for the Mark I tanks.
In this expansion there are also two German field artillery units. A field artillery unit is made up of 1 artillery piece and 4 crew members.
Although not directly part of this expansion, specifications for British Whippet tanks are also included as a special bonus feature.

105mm Howitzer Assembly Sheet

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