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2017-11-13 French Army Expansion now on Kickstarter!

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Directly from PSC Games on BGG.


We are very pleased to announce a French Army expansion for our board game The Great War, Richard Borg’s highly popular First World War game.

This is the second expansion for The Great War and it focuses on battles involving the French Army. Although the French Army fought in many battles, the scenarios in this expansion focus on their most famous campaign – Verdun.

The French Army expansion presents 12 scenarios from this famous battle. The box includes a rule and scenario book, 2 special personnel and terrain summary sheets, 3 punchboards of double-sided terrain tiles, tokens and markers, and a complete French force of plastic poilus

The French force consists of:

  • 48 French infantry
  • 3 French bombers
  • 3 French machine gun teams (each with one machine gun and 4 crew)
  • 3 French mortar teams (each with one mortar and 4 crew).

There are also 14 French special personnel figures, such as engineers, flame-throwers, light machine gunners, and spotters. These special personnel figures add new rules to the core game. When a special personnel figure is added to a unit, this allows that unit to modify its normal actions according to the type of special personnel figure you have attached to it.

We have an exciting stretch goal ladder with upgrades and bonus components. As a backer you will also be able to add on other PSC Games and Nuts Publishing games at a discount to rrp

As a stretch goal for the Kickstarter campaign, we are adding 18 special personnel figures for both the British and Germans armies. A deployment sheet will be included, recommending the number of special personnel figures that can be deployed for each side in a scenario. All official scenarios (from The Great War and Tank expansion) and the number of new special personnel figures to deploy in each scenario are listed on the deployment sheet, so players may revisit those earlier scenarios using the new British and German special personnel figures.

We’ve listened to customer feedback and the French Army figures are made from semi-hard plastic and are supplied off the sprue – these 1:100 scale figures are now ready to play with and require no assembly.



The French Army expansion is not our only exciting news! We have now sold through the first printing of Richard Borg’s The Great War board game, so we are reissuing it in 2018 to mark the centenary of the Armistice. 

Check out the pledge levels to order a copy of the new improved version, or if you already own the game you can just order the redesigned figures along with your French Army expansion.

We've also made The Great War's first expansion – Tank – available as part of some pledge levels. This includes six 1:100 scale tanks (two German, four British), two German artillery units, plus plenty more scenarios – although you will need to own a copy of The Great War to play it. French and Spanish language rules are available via the Kickstarter campaign.
You can watch some helpful video reviews of the first printing of the game at boardgamegeek.com. However, our new edition includes British and German figures pre-assembled and made from the same semi-hard plastic as their French counterparts. We’ve also taken the opportunity to make a number of cosmetic improvements to the core game. 

Richard Borg has written the rules and scenarios and the book and graphics are currently being designed. The new miniatures have been designed and are ready for production. The game has been thoroughly playtested. Our manufacturer is in place and ready to begin work. 

Shipping for both The French Army Expansion and the centenary edition of The Great War is currently planned for June 2018.
The Great War Centenary edition and the French Army expansion will be available in English, French, and Spanish. At the end of the campaign you will receive a survey where you will choose your language.
Our language partners are Nuts Publishing (France) and Maldito Games (Spain).



The launch of this Kickstarter campaign is the dawn of a new era for PSC Games. In the past, we have sometimes struggled to keep up with demand for our exciting range of games, and have at times been overwhelmed by the success of our campaigns and the high number of backers and expanded stretch goals for some of our projects.

We have now appointed a dedicated games manager to improve communication about our great products, and to ensure that our games are produced on schedule and to a high standard. Dan is a gamer himself and a prolific Kickstarter backer (don't tell Mrs Dan) but more importantly he has over 20 years of project management in the book publishing industry. After Will's masterclass in "how not to run a Kickstarter" with The Battle of Britain we have taken away his Kickstarter login and locked him in his office.

We are also now using an efficient third-party pledge manager – BackerKit – to smooth out our processes.

Join the campaign here! :-


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mk20336 replied the topic: #689 4 years 5 months ago
It finished with nice success (716%)! Now the half year of waiting time before game arrives...

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