2015-09-11 Published Vassal game module (another one)

Hi Guys,

this news to inform you the availability of LurchBrick Vassal module for The Great War.

Many thanks to PSC games to allow the creation of this game module.

Have a nice play.



Thank you Bart, thank you Jim for developing these game modules.

I suggest to try using them both and see how they work and maybe fusing them to create the real "Official Module".

I think "the community" should decide.

Let me know and post your opinions directly on the forum.

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Boardgame launched

We are delighted and proud to announce that The Great War boardgame is to be launched on time (even a little ahead of schedule!) at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham on 29th-31st May. Kickstarter backers can either collect at Games Expo (by responding to an email survey to be sent out this week) or Kickstarter rewards will start shipping from Monday 1st June.

The game will be available on general release from The Plastic Soldier Company webstore and all good retailers in the UK and Europe from 8th June but there will be a limited number of games to purchase at the Games Expo. The US launch will be at The World Boardgaming Championships in Pennsylvania 4th-9th August where Messrs Borg and Townshend will be on hand to demo the game and answer questions and the game will be available to buy.

There is a time delay on the German and French language versions so German and French language KS backers will get an English language game and an emailed relevant language copy of the rules. When actual French and German versions appear later in the summer they will also get sent one of these as well. Deluxe painted versions will take a few more weeks as the miniatures have only just gone to Sri Lanka for painting (we obviously had to wait for the plastic sprues to appear!). So, Kickstarter deluxe backers will get sent a full copy of the game now (with unpainted minis inside) and then an additional painted set of minis will be sent onto them as soon as they arrive back from the painting service in about 9-12 weeks

We are just about to undertake a major revamp of the PSC website and webstore so the KS £10 future expansion voucher stretch goal will be emailed out at a later date. If we do it now, they will not be valid in the new webstore!

Again, a huge thank you to all our Kickstarter backers for their help and support in bringing The Great War to life!

Best wishes


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The Great War

The Great War is the latest adaptation of Richard Borg’s tried and tested Command and Colours game system bringing the epic battles of the First World War to the gaming table.

Players can command armies of detailed miniature figures representing British and German troops of the time.

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The Game


Players can command armies of detailed, hard plastic, 1/100th scale miniature figures representing British and German troops of the time.

The confusion of battle and challenges of command and control are provided through command cards, combat cards and HQ tokens that limit what can be done each turn and custom dice are used to resolve the effects of any combat that occurs.

The game includes scenarios to allow the re-enactment of battles such as Loos, The Somme and Vimy Ridge as well as many other actions. The board can be reconfigured using terrain tiles to reflect any battlefield of the period and allows additional scenarios to be created.

This is the first game in a series that will in time cover all aspects of the war on land with additional figures including cavalry, tanks and artillery and additional nationalities (France, USA and Russia) being added in subsequent modules.

Future expansions will add other new mechanics and game elements, and open up more opportunities for player-vs-player action.

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Random Quote

Two armies that fight each other is like one large army that commits suicide. ~~~ French soldier Henri Barbusse, in his novel "Le Feu", 1915 ~~~